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My name is Brooks Owen. I've been trapping yard moles for 27 years.

     My buddy, Marvin, has been at it for 24 years.

     That's a combined 51 years of mole control success!

     And, along with Marvin, I'll show you exactly how to kill moles for good. Step-by-step. Quickly. Easily. Guaranteed.

What You'll Learn

The 15 things you should NEVER do if you want to kill moles once and for all.

An easy way to find the yard mole's main tunnel... no more guessing or trial 'n error. (Wendell, the old golf course greenskeeper taught me this way back in '86.)

Which mole trap to use. This is important because not all traps are the same. We have the most success with a certain one you can get dirt-cheap most anywhere.

How to quickly pinpoint precisely where to place traps for best results.

Something we discovered to correctly position and set traps to make 'em the most effective.

What to do to catch moles in hard-to-reach locations.

When you should set your moletrap (yep, there's right time and a wrong time).

How and where to set multiple traps, if need be.

A devious, yet simple little trick to lure invading moles right into your waiting trap.

How to dispose of your "catch" the environmentally correct and easiest way.

How to snare top-running moles that raise the sod, thus creating a "varicose veins" look in your lawn... and why I think you shouldn't do it!

The neat trap-setting maneuver that my barber, Neal, taught me while his razor was a bit too close to my left ear.

PLUS... Tom, another mole trapping buddy, showed me a simpler way to hide set traps that he recently figured out. When I saw it, I had one of those "oh, duh!" moments. (But is it for you? Well, you decide.)

PLUS... how my friend, Gary, improved the reach of the trap by 300%! I've caught ground moles double quick with this simple add-on. (I now have it attached to all my traps.)

PLUS there's a bunch more stuff. Like, how to "get inside the head" of the mole... why they do the things they do... what they eat for dinner (and why you should care)... how they dig tunnels under your yard... and on and on.

PLUS I'll give you free mole trapping advice. Just ask. Anytime.

What You'll Get

1. Grandpa's Ultimate Mole Attack Survival Guide loaded with photos, illustrations and plenty of how-to-do-it techniques and strategies not found anywhere else

2. A private link to my Video Field Trip. Watch how I find a mole tunnel, set and place the trap, then catch the mole.

And I'll include

3. Grandpa's Ultimate Gopher Attack Survival Guide. You'll discover... how to tell at a glance if it's a mole, a vole or a gopher invasion... when to trap... where to set your gopher trap... how to set  your trap... and more. Includes photos.

4. Grandpa's Ultimate Vole Attack Survival Guide. Find out... why get rid of voles... when and where to trap... how to set vole traps. PLUS plans to make your own simple, yet highly effective, trap. (Actually, you'll get plans for three different traps.) Plus lots of photos.

5. 5 Easy Steps to a Greener, Healthier Yard. Learn how to whip your sorry grass back into shape once you've gotten rid of the moles.

     If invading moles are uglifying your nice yard and garden... if you're exasperated and mad as h-e-double hockysticks... I guarantee you too can - at last - get rid of the varmints. And you can do it starting for

a measly $4.97

     That's all. Chicken feed to be armed with Marvin's and my proven mole trapping techniques, tips, secrets and strategies. (Including Tom's, Gary's & Neal's nifty tricks!)

     So, if you're ready to

take action and finally
get results, here's how to... your personal copy of Grandpa's Ultimate Mole Attack Survival Guide. Just click on the safe 'n secure PayPal button below. (It's 73 pages long and includes lots of how-to photos so please be patient. It might take a minute or two to download.)


     By the way, if you'd rather, you can get it on a DVD sent by regular ol' snail mail. Either way, you'll soon know exactly how to get rid of moles, along with other varmints.

mole removal guide
3-way money-back

     My guarantee is based on a simple handshake - you'll be pleased as punch. Period. But if you're not, I'll make it right. Here's how...

Guarantee #1: You don't risk a single penny when you check out our proven techniques. Trap a mole or three and see how you can take care of your mole problem for real.

Guarantee #2: If you're not happy for any reason, simply tell me and your money will be returned to you. Pronto. No questions. No phony baloney. No delays.

Guarantee #3: You can keep the "show-you-how-it's-done" manual even if you ask for your money back!

     So get your hands on Grandpa's Ultimate Mole Attack Survival Guide right now. When you do, you'll soon be button-busting proud of your yard 'n garden once again.


P.S. Not convinced our proven strategies work? Read what these ol' boys have to say...


"My buddy and I had been at it for two weeks. No luck. So my wife got your guide for us and we read it. Then we bought three of the low-cost traps you recommended.

Yesterday, we went out to the "mine field" and opened up the tunnel on the side of a hill. After identifying the main tunnel (easy after you showed us how), we set the traps.

That evening we caught our critter and our yard is looking so much better!

Thanks Grandpa for your expert help."

Forrest Voss,
No More Moles!

"Two of us set a few traps at our local park and kept track of them with my GPS. Next day - bam! - we caught three moles. What's more, we saved the city a bunch of money and made the park safer.

Thank you for your helpful manual and advice.

By the way, we appreciate the free 'Gopher & Vole' manuals. With them, we didn't waste any time figuring out which critters were ruining our park and were able to take fast action. Oh, and your Video Field Trip helped a bunch, too."

the 'Chipmunk,'

Still not convinced?
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