There's only one absolute
way to get rid of moles
that're invading your
yard. And that's to...

Kill 'em Dead!


Have you been trying to get rid of moles in your yard and garden without success? Feel helpless, mad, frustrated? We can help you better than most.

     Hi, I'm Brooks Owen. My trapping partner, Marvin, and I have amassed a combined 67 years success eliminating moles. Quickly and easily. And we'll show you exactly how. In our 72-page, fully illustrated manual...

you'll discover

What 15 things you should NEVER do if you want to wipe out ground moles once and for all.

Why they're so hazardous and why you must remove moles now.

Which mole trap to use. This is important because not all types are the same. (Some even look alike.) Marvin and I have the most success with one you can get dirt-cheap most anywhere. And we'll tell you how best to use it.

A shrewd way to find the mole's main tunnel the right way. No more guessing or trial 'n error.

How to pinpoint where to place the mole trap for the best results.

How to correctly position and set traps to make 'em the most effective.

What to do to catch moles in hard-to-reach locations.

When you should place your mole trap (yep, there's a right time and a wrong time).

How and where to set multiple traps, if need be.

A simple little trick to lure invading moles right into your waiting trap.

How to dispose of your "catch" the environmentally correct, safest and easiest way.

How to snare top-running moles that raise the sod, thus creating a "varicose veins" look in your lawn.

The curious trap-setting maneuver that my barber, Neal, showed me. It's a bit odd, but it gets the job done slick as a whistle.

Another mole trapping buddy, Tom, clued us in to a simpler way to hide set traps.

How friend, Gary, improved the reach of the trap by 300%! I've caught ground moles double quick with this little attachment. And it's a doozie. He gave me some photos and directions to include that show you how to fasten it to your trap, if you want. (It works so well, I now have this modification on all my traps.)

PLUS there's a bunch more stuff. Like... how to outsmart the varmints... why they do the things they do... what they eat for dinner (and why you should care)... how they dig tunnels under your yard... and on and on.

You'll get

> Our 72-page digital manual jam-packed with photos, graphics and easy-to-follow instructions. Everything's carefully explained step-by-step... what works, what doesn't... all the why, when, where and how. When you get your hands on it, you'll finally find out the very best way to get rid of moles for good.

> Free mole trapping advice. Just ask. Anytime. Glad to help.

In addition, you'll also
get these four handy
guides absolutely free

1. A private link to our fancy Video Field Guide. Watch how we find a mole tunnel, set and place the trap, then catch the mole. (We're still waiting for Hollyweird to call!)

2. Grandpa's Ultimate Gopher Attack Survival Guide (just in case it's a gopher, not a mole... you'll explore how to trap the gopher... when to trap... where to set your gopher trap... everything you need to know to get rid of 'em.)

3. Grandpa's Ultimate Vole Attack Survival Guide (if it's a vole, not a mole... you'll learn how to tell. Includes why remove voles... when and where to trap voles... how to properly set traps. PLUS you'll get plans to make your own simple, yet effective, one-dollar vole trap.)

4. 5 Easy Steps to a Greener, Healthier Yard Guide (after you've eliminated the pesky invaders, here's how to whip your sorry grass into shape in no time at all.)

"Hey, guys. I've spent a lot of time and dough on trying to remove moles from my yard. Your sure-fire solution turns out to be the simplest and cheapest. Thanks to you, I got rid of them in just one weekend!"

Miles McCarthy, CA

     So see for yourself how quick 'n easy it is to eliminate moles that're uglifying your nice yard. Get Grandpa's Ultimate Mole Attack Survival Guide today. And be armed with all the 67 years proven mole trapping know-how, tips, secrets and strategies that Marvin and I amassed (plus Tom's, Gary's & Neal's clever techniques) for...

only $7.97

     You can download the manual by clicking on the PayPal "Download Now" button. Today is best because the mole damage is only going to get worse, if you wait.

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Money-Back Anytime Promise

     If you're not satisfied, we'll send back your money promptly. Just ask. Anytime. And you can even keep the manual and the bonus guides as our gift just for trying out the technique we've been using so successfully all these years.

     That way you have nothing to lose, and a mole-free yard to gain.

     Have doubts? Read what these ol' boys have to say...

caught mole

"My buddy and I had been at it for two weeks. No luck. So my wife got your guide for us and we read it. Then we bought three of the low-cost traps you recommended.

Yesterday, we went out to the 'mine field' and opened up the tunnel on the side of a hill. After identifying the main tunnel (easy after you showed us how), we set the traps.

That evening we caught the little rascals and our yard is looking so much better!

Thanks for your expert help."

Forrest Voss,

caught mole

Moles Gone!

"Two of us set a few traps at our local park and kept track of them with my GPS. Next day - bam! - we'd caught three moles. What's more, we saved the city a bunch of money and made the park safer.

You've packed a whole lot of valuable mole catching info into the manual. Wish I had it years ago. And the how-to video field guide was also a huge help."

Thanks for making it so simple."

Tom C.,

Still not convinced?
You've never seen such
"thank you" letters
as we get about our
mole control manual!

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