There's only one sure-fire way
to get rid of yard moles.
And that's to...

Kill 'em Dead!

But why do you need to get rid of moles?

     Well, truth is, even though I've been trapping moles for 33 years, I really wish I didn't have to. Actually, I admire the little critters.

     Just think, during their lifetime they excavate miles of intricate tunnels. And, in doing so, move tons of dirt. They're great little soil aerators!

And therein lies the problem.

     You see, all that building in your yard, garden and pasture can cause a lot of damage and grief. So here are six reasons why you need to get rid of moles now, before it's too late...

Reason #1: They can cause you, friends or family great injury, such as a broken ankle, if you step in the wrong place in your yard. Doctor visits are expensive. 

Reason #2: Mole mounds in lawns make mowing difficult. Every time the mower connects with a mound it sends dirt and dust flying everywhere, clogging up mower and lungs. Mounds can even force smaller mower engines to die and need to be restarted. To add insult to injury, mowing over mole mounds causes mower blades to become dull faster. Thus, taking time and money to repair.

Reason #3: Mole tunnels in gardens can weaken crop growth both by disrupting the earth around plants and by allowing air to reach and dry out roots. Mole activity can also introduce pests into plant root structures.

Reason #4: Mole tunnels in gardens can siphon off irrigation water intended for plants. One open mole hole near a sprinkler can drain away as much as 30% of irrigation moisture, depending on sprinkler type.

Reason #5: Mole holes can weaken the stability of the edges of asphalt paving, causing crumbling and breaking.

Reason #6: Just one or two moles can cause considerable damage. A front yard with 10 – 20 mole mounds showing probably has only one or two moles working the area. In fact, one mole all by itself can trash a half-acre lawn by digging as much as 100 feet of tunnels in just one day!

     One more thing. Your mole problem won't go away. It'll only get worse and harder to control if you don't act now.


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