Have you been trying to get rid of moles in your yard and garden without success? Feel helpless, mad, frustrated, discombobulated? Fact is,

there's only one sure-fire way to get rid of moles that're uglifying your yard. And that's to...

how to kill a mole
I caught this bad-boy over at the neighbors awhile back.

Kill 'em Dead!

Greetings. My name's Brooks Owen. After reading all the endless drivel about "eliminating moles," I need to get this off my chest.

     Here's the thing.

     Nearly all the bull-stuff you've read about invading moles misses some very basic, real-life strategies. So this letter will explain how I took back my nice lawn 'n garden and how you can too. Quick 'n slick.

     But first, a heads-up. I'm gonna be telling you about killing moles by trapping 'em.

     So if that's not your cuppa tea... if you're a bit squeamish... if you're content with those dang pests uglifying your yard 'n garden over and over again... then you may be excused.

     OK, they're gone. Now it's just you and me. This is a rather long letter, but you should know the whole story. So sit back, grab your favorite beverage, relax and read the...

Confessions of a
Frustrated Farmer

     I'm going to tell you how I finally eliminated moles from my farm. If you believe me, you'll get rid of yard moles starting today. If you don't believe me, I'll make it worth your while to change your mind.

     I'm embarrassed to admit that back in the day my yard was the neighborhood mole hangout. To get rid of 'em I foolishly bought nearly every goofball "remedy" and tried every half-baked idea like...

...moth balls, bleach, poisons, red pepper, broken glass, firecrackers, hair, car exhaust, a sonic blaster, gum, and more silly concoctions than I can remember.

     Good grief! You name it, I tried it.

     Believe you me, none of that hogwash ever worked. Not gizmos or gadgets. Not vibrators or twirlygigs. Not harsh chemicals or harebrained gimmicks. Next day, the moles came back. More mounds. More damage. More frustration.

     My head hurts just thinking about how much time and money I wasted on all that horse-pucky. What's more, some of that stuff'll scare rust off an old car bumper!

     Then it finally hit me.

     If what I was doing was getting the same no-results, I had to travel down a different road. So I drove my old Chevy pickup over to the local golf course and cornered Wendell, the ancient greenskeeper. After a bit of cajoling, the mole control wisdom he passed on to me was a real eye-opener.

     The following week, I visited the rancher down the road. And he taught me even more about how to remove ground moles. Methods ol' Wendell "accidentally" left out.

     In a nutshell, they proved that proper trapping is the only real way to make sure they're gone. The good part is, moles won't suffer the cruel lingering death like they do with poisons and such. Trapping is much more humane.

Now hold on... despite what you might think, trapping
moles is a piece of cake. Especially the way we do
it. Best of all, the destructive little devils won't
bother you anymore. Because it's final!

     Yep, based on my 33 years of hard-won success I've gotten pretty durn good at mole trapping. I even taught my 14-year-old granddaughter, Brooke, all my "tricks of the trade." Next day, the youngster went right on out and caught two of 'em in her mom 'n dad's backyard. All by her little self.

     One thing's for certain... if she can do it, you surely can.

Do it yourself and
save a bundle

     Now, before I keep rattling on, I gotta say this one more time...

... my mole-killing techniques may not be for you. They're only for folks who're chomping at the bits to vanquish the destructive little rascals themselves and save a bunch of money. So, if you're the delicate type, hiring a mole trapping pro may the best solution for you. Just so you know, they charge $50.00 to $90.00 (and up) per mole. Depending on where you live.

     BUT... you can kill moles by trapping 'em yourself... you can stop the havoc they inflict before it gets out of hand. That'll make your life much easier, you'll hang on to your hard-earned cash, and you'll feel a whole lot better, to boot. (I call it "mole control therapy.")

My yard had dozens of moles.
Now there's not a single one!

     Long story longer, along with my buddy Marvin I've been trapping 'em now for better'n 3 decades. Soon we both began helping friends 'n neighbors kill moles. As time went on folks kept bugging us to reveal the tried 'n true mole trapping strategies we've perfected.

     That's when Marvin and I put our heads together and detailed all our combined 57 years success into a handy-dandy, fully illustrated, 73-page manual humbly called

Mole Attack
Survival Guide"

mole control manual

In it you'll find out...

What 15 things you should NEVER do if you want to get rid of moles once and for all.

An easy way to find the mole's main tunnel lickety-split. No more guessing or trial 'n error. (Wendell, the old golf course greenskeeper I mentioned earlier taught me this way back in '86.)

Which mole trap to use. This is important because not all types are the same. (Some even look alike.) Marvin and I have the most success with one you can get dirt-cheap most anywhere.

How to quickly pinpoint precisely where to place mole traps for best results.

Something we discovered to correctly position and set traps to make 'em the most effective.

What to do to catch the vexing critters in hard-to-reach locations.

When you should set your moletrap (yep, there's right time and a wrong time).

How and where to set multiple traps, if need be.

A devious, yet simple, little trick to lure invading moles right into your waiting trap.

How to dispose of your "catch" the environmentally correct and easiest way.

How to snare top-running moles that raise the sod, thus creating a "varicose veins" look in your lawn... and why I think you shouldn't do it!

The neat trap-setting maneuver that my barber, Neal, showed me while his razor was a bit too close to my left ear.

PLUS... Tom, another mole trapping buddy, clued me in to a simpler way to hide set traps that he recently figured out. When I saw it, I had one of those "oh, duh!" moments. Just goes to show... you're never too old to learn. (But is it for you? Well, you decide.)

PLUS... how my friend, Gary, improved the reach of the trap by 300%! I've caught ground moles double quick with this nifty add-on. Works like a charm. I told him he oughta patent that sucker, but he said "nah." Says he's just glad to tell you about it. So he gave me some photos and directions to include that show you how to fasten it to your trap, if you want. It's easy. (By the way, this innocent looking do-hicky is a doozie and I've since added it to all my traps.)

PLUS there's a bunch more stuff. Like... how to "get inside the head" of the mole... why they do the things they do... what they eat for dinner (and why you should give a hoot)... how they dig tunnels under your yard... and on and on.

PLUS... if you need some free mole trapping advice, just ask. Anytime.

     Now with our "die-and-goodbye" mole control manual at your fingertips you'll have all the tactics you need to win the war against these bad boys. Nuts 'n bolts stuff your friends and neighbors would give their eye-teeth to know. Everything's carefully explained, clear as a fresh washed window... what works, what doesn't... all the why, when, where and how.

     And our guaranteed way to kill moles makes it so doggone easy. Believe you me

dead moles don't lie!

Stop wasting time & money

     As I figure it, you've got three ways to go.

1. Like me 30-some years ago, you can keep on doing whatever you're doing trying to get rid of the irritating little troublemakers 'til the cows come home. It won't do you much good, but you can keep spinning your wheels, if you're having fun.

2. You can ignore the problem, if you like the moonscape look. Or,

3. You can kill ground moles once and for all. Like we do.

     But of course you're free to choose... hazardous mole mounds in your yard? Or a nice, clean mole-free yard?

Believe It!

I'm often asked by folks who read this, "does your mole removal game plan truly work better than any other I've read about?" Yep, it really does work and please give me the opportunity to prove it. The best that can happen is you'll soon be strolling on a mole-free carpet of lovely grass instead of tripping over ugly, dangerous mounds of dirt. The worst... you'll get your money back plus you can even keep the manual as my thanks just for giving it try. (And, yep, everything you're reading about is on the up & up.)

     So if invading moles are uglifying your nice yard and garden... if you're exasperated and mad as h-e-double hockysticks... if you're fed up and are finally ready to get rid of ground moles for good...

...get Grandpa's Ultimate Mole Attack Survival Guide. See for yourself how easy it is to remove moles. And the neat part is, you can own it for

a measly $7.97

     That's chicken feed to be armed with Marvin's and my 51 combined years of proven mole trapping techniques, tips, secrets and strategies. (Including Tom's, Gary's & Neal's neat tricks that work like crazy.)

Now go on ahead, let the
moths outta your wallet and...

...download the manual your PC. It's easy. Just click on the PayPal "Download" button below.

     That way you can have your own personal copy right there on your interweb computer faster'n a jack rabbit on a date.

Download Button

3-way, no-monkey-business
money-back guarantee

     My guarantee is based on an old-school handshake - you're gonna be pleased as punch. Period. But if you're not, I'll make it right. Here's how...

Guarantee #1: You don't risk a single penny when you check out our proven techniques. Trap a mole or three and see how you can take care of your mole problem for real.

Guarantee #2: If you're not happy as a clam at high tide, simply tell me and your money will be sent back to you pronto. Anytime. No questions. No phony-baloney. No delays.

Guarantee #3: You can keep the "show-you-how-it's-done" manual even if you ask for your money back! I promise.

     And as they say on the boob-toob... "but wait, there's more!" For the next few days, I'll sweeten the pot with

3 Shameless Bribes

     OK, maybe I should say "three helpful bonuses." Anyway, they are...

Bonus #1: A private link to my step-by-step Video Field Guide. Watch how I find a mole tunnel, set and place the trap, then catch the little troublemaker.

Bonus #2: Grandpa's Ultimate Gopher Attack Survival Guide. You'll discover how to tell at a glance if it's a gopher invasion. And, if so, when to trap the gopher... how to trap the gopher... where to set your trap... everything you need to know to get rid of 'em.

Bonus #3: Grandpa's Ultimate Vole Attack Survival Guide. Maybe it's a pesky vole that's attacking your place. You'll find out how to tell. Includes... why remove voles... when and where to trap 'em... how to properly set traps. PLUS you'll get plans to make your own simple, yet effective, one-dollar vole trap.

     and I'll also throw in...

Bonus #4: 5 Easy Steps to a Greener, Healthier Yard. Learn how to whip your sorry grass back into shape once you've eliminated the pests.

     As you can see, this is one Hugh Jass deal. So get your hands on Marvin's and my 73-page Grandpa's Ultimate Mole Attack Survival Guide today. And you'll soon be button-busting proud of your yard 'n garden once again.

     Oh, one more thing. If a couple of ol' farmers who've been getting rid of moles effectively for 57-some years can't help fix your mole problem, then you might as well toss in the towel and call a hired gun.

     OK, enough. Thanks so much for your time. Now go on out and get rid of your *@%^>&# moles!

P.S. Not convinced our proven strategies work? Take a gander at what these ol' boys have to say...


"My buddy and I had been at it for two weeks. No luck. So my wife got your guide for us and we read it. Then we bought three of the low-cost traps you recommended.

Yesterday, we went out to the 'mine field' and opened up the tunnel on the side of a hill. After identifying the main tunnel (easy after you showed us how), we set the traps.

That evening we caught our critter and our yard is looking so much better!

Thanks Grandpa for your expert help."

Forrest Voss,
Moles Gone!

"Two of us set a few traps at our local park and kept track of them with my GPS. Next day - bam! - we'd caught three moles. What's more, we saved the city a bunch of money and made the park safer.

You've packed a whole lot of valuable mole-trapping info into the manual. Wish I had it years ago. And the how-to video field guide was also a huge help."

Thanks for making it so simple."

the "Chipmunk,"

Still not convinced?
Read "Results are
What Counts!"

Real People - Real Success


The 5 Most Effective Mole Traps

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